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Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is based on the use of a probe made of a single coil in which, an alternating current is sent. This generates a circular magnetic field around the coil which then induces eddy currents of the opposite direction into the pipe wall. Discontinuities or loss of wall thickness alter the eddy current flow which translates into a change of impedance in the coil. This can be visualized by the operator giving the indication of a potential flaw.

This technique is mainly used to detect discontinuities or loss of wall thickness of non-ferromagnetic tubes.


  • Quick and easy solution for corrosion detection in non-ferromagnetic tubes;

  • Detection of cracks and indications near the surface;

  • No contact between the probe and the part is needed;

  • Compatible with integral finned tubes inspection.

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