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Helium Leak Testing

We also offer service of testing of minute leaks using Helium gas for equipments like Columns, Reactors, Pipelines and Oil Platforms by positive pressure method. Typically, in these cases, we pressurize the equipment / pipeline with Nitrogen / Helium in the ratio of 90:10 to the testing pressure required by the client and check for leaks in all probable areas. Even minute leaks can be identified using our Sensitive Helium Spectrometer.

We have undertaken such jobs for two new offshore platforms top sides, a flare platform and an interconnecting Bridge for L & T Ltd. Our Engineers are well trained in carrying out the test and to interpret the results accurately. The job will be carried out by ASNT Level II Certified Engineers.

We will also conduct Helium Leak Test Services in valve component and other applications as per customer requirements


  • Online Job Testing

  • Increases Condenser Efficiency and hence power plant Efficiency.

  • Reduces shut down times and costs

  • Minimizes corrosive dissolved oxygen to get carried into the boiler system.

AVN helium leak testing.jpg

Our system can very effectively identify tube leaks also.The procedure adopted here is that Helium gas is sprayed into the tubes and if a leak is present, it will be carried over into the steam side of the Condenser, which is under vacuum condition and then get ejected out through the ejector / vacuum pump, where the ejected gases are tested for presence of helium using the sensitive spectrometer.

The advantage of Helium Leak Detection is that, the check for tube leaks can be done by reducing the load of the machine and isolating one half of the condenser at a time. The test can also be conducted off-line, but the vacuum on the steam side should be maintained using the vacuum pumps and also with steam dumping.

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