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Flaw and Wall thickness inspection solutions

Eddy Current Surface Probes

Ideal for detecting small defects in flat and varying-contour surfaces, surface array probes cover a wide area in a single pass. Applications and materials include irregular nonferromagnetic surfaces; defects in smooth ferromagnetic surfaces; pressure vessels, corrosion or cracking, tanks, and turbine blades; fractures in raised welds and friction stir welds; and delamination and foreign materials in composites. For certain inspections, surface probes can reduce inspection time up to 95% when compared to traditional pencil probes. Look for these capabilities and characteristics that improve inspection accuracy:


  • Encoder to accurately identify flaw locations and dimensions.

  • Position indicators that ensure the entire area of interest is inspected.

  • Ability to conform to the weld surface and detect pitting and surface cracks in any orientation.

  • Field-replaceable components to accelerate inspections.

  • Durability to inspect thousands of feet of welds before replacement

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